I Am Ready for Summer 

After an extremely stressful last-few weeks of term, which was complicated by a weekend trip to Indiana for a cousin’s wedding, I am 100% ready for summer. 

I figured I would get a few weeks of blissful nothingness where I would do nothing but read books and have good conversations. Alas, my sister Amy and her Thai friend Aemie are visiting right now, so we’re hitting up the coast and crater lake and canoeing down the Willamette and camping at clear lake. Fun, but not exactly restful. 

Predictably, my body crashed and I was too ill to go on an overnight trip to Bend with the rest of the girls. 

“I used to always get sick at the end of term too,” my landlord told me. So I guess it’s a normal thing. “Stress-induced immune suppression,” my friend Jess called it. 

Oh well. It gave me time to read and sleep. I’ve missed reading and sleeping. 

I went outside at sunset and took some pictures of the peacefulness. The chickens. The cats. The random ladder leading to nowhere. 

I am ready for summer. For long days on the combine, listening to podcasts. I want to write something fun and terribly cliché that no one will ever read but me. I want to study French in my spare time and read piles of books and go swimming in the middle of the night. 


I was so ready for last term to be over. I have mostly learned to keep from overloading myself, but sometimes I slip up, and last term was one of those times. 

2 responses to “I Am Ready for Summer 

  1. Summer seems to be upon us early this year. My berries are all ripening early. My cherries have come and gone. My apples are the size of tennis balls and my peaches are already the size of golf balls. My marion berries will be ripe with the next wave of hot weather, next week. We had the first pickings in pancakes this morning..the warmth really brought out the flavor…and my son, who refused to get up in time, got berry-less pancakes. I feel NO shame. He can pick his own.
    Last summer–ost of last year–is such a blur to me. All I really remember is hot. This year I have bigger plans…replacing windows and perhaps some siding…and purning my berries that are so neglected….even the blackberries are threatening to overtake the house and lean in every window that opens to let the cool breeze in….plenty to do…big plans…but rest is not one of them.
    I remember the days where there were “ends” to things–tests and papers and then rest. But as an adult, it seems like the pace, though perhaps not as intense, is more steady and unrelenting, and when one something is done, there is another to take its place and rest is something you have to plan and schedule, or find in small minutes here and there—Life changes from a series of sprints to a steady trot.
    Oh to be young again….Enjoy all your resting, young one.


  2. Reading + Sleeping= Summer (I’ve already joined a local book club)


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