Birthday Giveaway Winner

Woah, what an amazing outpouring of interesting comments for my birthday giveaway! I’ll admit, I LOVED seeing longtime blog stalkers pop out of the woodwork. It makes blogging a little less weird if you know a little something about your readers.

Last night I wrote all the names on little slips of paper and stuck them inside a strawberry-shaped cookie jar.


After dreaming about strawberry-shaped cookie jars, I got up this morning and put the jar on my sister’s desk (my room was too messy) and asked my mom to draw a name.


And the winner is….


Jodie, commenter #85, wrote, “I traveled to Europe when I was 16 under a passport with the wrong name on it. I also died once, but that’s probably not as interesting as the other fact….or maybe it is…Coming back to life was more interesting than dying, and way less scary for my family.”

Woah, Jodie, I must say you definitely had one of the more interesting comments! I sent you an email, and if you can’t see it, please check your spam folder. Whenever I get an email about winning a contest it usually goes straight to my spam folder, so just make sure! 🙂

Thank you guys again for entering. I especially admire the determination of BlessingsbyRenee, Austin Fahnestock, Joanna N, and Reyortdor, for managing to put in THREE entries each. Also, Karen, commenter #77, you win at having the most interesting life!

Oh, and Twila Smucker, I COULD NOT AGREE MORE about the moth situation.

You all should go read the comments, if you haven’t already. They are FASCINATING.

Again, congrats to Jodie on your win!

One response to “Birthday Giveaway Winner

  1. Hopefully the statute of limitations has run out on traveling under the wrong name…..teehee…if you can’t find me, look in prison….I wonder, if I played dead, would the authorities believe it? 🙂 I love that your mom picked my name…are you sure she didn’t peak? Looking forward to the books and the story!! —wondering which part you will pick to use……


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