How Encouraging

You know how if the house is messy you tend to hang out elsewhere, because being in a messy house makes you feel guilty for not cleaning it up?


Okay. Well I do. Similarly, if I haven’t posted for a while I avoid my blog because I feel so guilty for not posting. But today I decided to visit the dusty deserted thing, and found six comments I hadn’t read, and that by some fluke I got an enormous amount of blog views today.

Being substantially encouraged, I decided to post. I decided to title my post “How Encouraging.” And then I decided to google “how encouraging” and see what popped up.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

A few thoughts. Feel free to comment your thoughts about my thoughts.

1. I usually don’t shop much, but as it is the Christmas season, shopping is in order. I realized the other day that shopping makes me feel discontented and poor. I’m totally proud of my free clothes and borrowed books until I hit the stores, and then I just wish I had money to blow on cute lacy sweaters and the latest Lemoney Snicket book.

2. I get uncomfortable when people put themselves down. I know that there are a lot of people who have insecurities, and these insecurities manifest themselves in people dissing themselves. However, I am not one of those people.

(Yes I have a few insecurities, obviously, being human, but it is very unlikely that I point them out to people.)

However, sometimes I put myself down as part of a joke. For instance, I posted on facebook the other day, “I just realized that both my parents get phone calls all the time and text way more than I do. Also, my mom’s blog gets way more hits than mine, and she has almost twice as many facebook friends as I do. Suddenly I feel very un-cool.”

I posted this because I thought it was hilarious that my parents were more media-savvy and “cool” than me. My mom, understanding completely, posted “neener neener,” and I laughed and laughed. But some people felt they had to reassure me that I was actually cool.

Similarly, in my last post about being stupid and not even knowing it, I obviously called myself stupid. I was actually kind of calling everyone stupid. I used the word “stupid” because it was the most attention-grabbing way to say it. I was in no way trying to get reassurance that I’m smart.

Once I told someone that I was the kind of girl that guys are very comfortable being friends with, but didn’t get crushes on. I didn’t realize I had ventured into “putting yourself down” territory until they began vehemently reassuring¬† me that this wasn’t true. I had actually thought I was paying myself a compliment by saying that guys are comfortable being friends with me. Fail.

As much as I appreciate the reassurance, I find it a little frustrating that people think I’m legitimately putting myself down when I’m not. So for the record, if you hear me diss myself, I’m most likely making a joke or dissing the human population in general or trying to compliment myself.

3. What do you do when you are trying to direct a Christmas play and a whooping-cough epidemic dances at the fringes of the school, threatening to weed out your performers one by one?

That’s all for now. The end of this blog post. Goodbye. Have a happy life. Find a dusty under-used blog and comment encouragingly on it.

6 responses to “How Encouraging

  1. Sometimes I “diss” myself because I don’t want to come across like I have it all together when I don’t. I too find it a bit frustrating when people take this wrong…


  2. I thought I should call ProFlowers and ask them if they’d deliver a bouquet of Endust to you…


  3. 3. Rewrite the script with more whooping and coughing?


  4. No kidding about the self dissing! And then when I say something that disses myself, I’m afraid that people will think that I am fishing for a compliment. Awkward.


  5. So frustrating when people don’t get self-deprecating humor! I’m not sure if it’s more awkward when they think you’re fishing for reassurance or when they nod solemnly as though you’ve finally faced the truth about yourself. Argh!


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