A Quote and a List

Me: Was it a dream, or did I hear Jenny shriek at Steven to take care of a mouse this morning?

Mom: There was a gutted mouse by the patio door this morning, and there was something next to it that was alive. I don’t know if it was a huge parasite or not.

Me: The mouse had a PARASITE?? What did it look like?

Mom: I don’t want to talk about it any more. Let’s talk about…daisies. Or grapes.

Jenny: You know, when I first saw it, I thought it was a grape.

Mom: Jenny, if you talk about it I WILL give you extra jobs.

Random Emily News:

  • College started. I was really sick the first day of classes. Well too bad for me, I obviously had to be there anyway. Ha ha.
  • I am taking fun classes this term.
  • I lost my voice during communications class, which I found ironic.
  • The music teacher already knew who I was, which made me proud. Although I’m afraid I will very much NOT live up to the music potential of my brother and cousin who have gone before me, and the teacher will be like, “A Smucker? Who is this bad at music? Why, this tarnishes the image of Smuckers everywhere.”
  • Spring term I took a history class and loved it, and loved the teacher, so this term I am taking another history class with the same teacher. I have never repeated a teacher before. It’s great, because you already know all the policies and practices, so the first day and a half you can sit in the back and blow your nose and drink tea and not worry about what you’re hearing, because you already know it all.
  • For the THIRD TIME since enrolling in LBCC, I accidentally signed up for a class that was not on the Albany campus. Meaning I have to drop. You’d think I would have learned after the first time. It remains to be seen whether I will have learned after the third time.

Oh yes, I looooove college. The current plan is three days a week at college, two days working at Brownsville School. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it all without fatiguing myself.

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