Stylin’ Miles

This has been the summer of road trips, I tell you. If “road trip” can be defined as “5+hours in the car at one shot,” then I am currently on my fourth.

I keep running across blogs and Instagram accounts and articles about movies where girls go on road trips and dress stylishly. There is something so adventuresome and glamorous about road trip style.

Unfortunately, road trips generally find me in ugly t-shirts with messy hair and gross teeth.

Well, I decifded that this road trip was going to be different. I carefully planned nice outfits to wear while I traveled, and decided to blog about the trip as I went along. This turned out to work quite well since Jenny-the-photographer came along, as did Matt-who-has-internet-on-his-phone.

Day 1 outfit: Yellow t-shirt I got from mom for Christmas, blue skirt Amy gave me because it was too big (I sewed it smaller), and glittery flip-flops I got at goodwill for, I don’t know, three bucks maybe? I got them with thick heels so they can last me summer after summer.

Instead of wearing my hair up with a covering I wore it in two knotted braids with a beanie that my cousin-and-a-half Simone gave me. This allowed me to do things like sleep without bobby pins poking into my head and my bun falling out and turning into dreadlocks.

This is me making sandwiches. We are such a cheap family. I love it.

As you can see I am wearing gray pj pants in this pic, not a blue skirt. Sometimes comfort and modesty trump fashion, so I wear the pj’s in the car and pull on the skirt over top whenever we get out.

Jenny is so cool.

I am not quite as cool. Ha ha.

Jenny loves life.

I feel like there is much more clever stuff I should say about this road trip, but wow I am tired and carsick. Which is another thing. Do the stylish people in the blogs and movies get carsick and tired?

Do they spill tea on their skirt? Do they start to stink? Do they accidentally kick their sister in the chin while trying to stretch their legs? Do they beg the driver for a potty break?

Right now Dad doesn’t have his hearing aids in and Jenny is trying to discuss potty breaks with him. However, she can’t talk too loud, because Matt is trying to catch a few winks before driving all night. So it goes like this:

Jenny: How long until the next rest stop?

Dad: Huh?

Jenny: How long till the next rest stop?

Dad: What?

Jenny: (tries to lean in closer and crushes my legs in the process) How long till the next rest stop?

Dad: We’ll stop for gas in about two hours. Do you need a potty break?

Jenny: Well, I could use one but I can still wait a while longer.

Dad: What?

Ah, the glamorous road trip life…

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