Things that non-Mennonites do

As a child, I had a big imagination and a little world. Thus, my perception of things that “other people” did was sometimes a bit, eh, distorted.

One day I was looking through the JC Penney catalog, when I saw a picture of a little girl in a purple cotton sundress.

The caption under the picture said something like, “This pretty purple dress is perfect for play dates!”

Immediately my eyes widened. If I were a non-Mennonite, would my mom arrange pretend dates for me with little boys, so that I would know how to date for real when I was older?

You know. Play dates.


4 responses to “Things that non-Mennonites do

  1. That is hilarious!(:


  2. Haha that is so cute!


  3. hehe! So funny! Made me smile.

    Sadly, in our culture that’s just about true. With all these kids who have “boyfriends” and “girlfriends” at age nine.


  4. Wait a second, that’s not what Play Date means? I always thought it was and I had the same thought about being non-Mennonite as a kid, but now that I saw this post, I see according to Wikipedia that that is *definitely* not what it means! Wow!


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