My life, in other people’s pictures

I went to a LOVELY wedding on Saturday, though calling a wedding “lovely” is kind of like calling a baby “cute.” I mean, duh.

During the ceremony, the preacher flubbed up his wording a bit. He was saying the words, and Dorothy was repeating them after him.

Preacher: And before God and these witnesses…

Dorothy: And before God and these witnesses…

Preacher: I promise to be a faithful and true husband.

(Wait, husband? He meant to say wife, of course, but surely Dorothy would just say “wife” instead of “husband” when she repeated it.)

Dorothy: I promise to be a faithful and true husband.

There was a slight pause, and the whole audience burst out in the most boisterous and true laughter I have EVER heard during a wedding ceremony. It was awesome.

After the wedding, all the single ladies gathered to catch the wedding bouquet. I made sure to stand in the front, and when the bouquet came flying through the air I stretched my long arms in the air, and snatch! The bouquet was in my hands.

Then I felt a little silly for snatching it like a greedy child.

Oh well.

Me with the bouquet. Photo credit goes to Stephanie Coblentz.

Sunday evening Amy gave a presentation at Church about her time in Jamaica. It was super interesting.

Photo credit: Amy Smucker.

Right after church I took Amy to the airport and dropped her off. I mean, Dad took Amy to the airport and dropped her off, and I drove Dad home. Now she is gone, and Ben is at EBI, and the house feels a wee bit empty.

Monday I knocked on Steven’s door to ask if he could take a box of notebooks up to the attic for me. He didn’t answer, but there was a curious breeze emanating from under the door, suggesting to me that a window might be open, and so I went into his room to close the window.

When I stuck my head out of the open window I saw Steven standing on the roof, gazing at the horizon.

“I’m going to town,” he said.

“Oh,” I said, “can I come with you?”

“Yes,” he told me. “Be ready in five.”

So I got ready in five minutes and Steven and I drove to town even though neither of us had any idea how to get to any of the places we wanted to go. We used a map and we never got lost but we missed a bunch of turns.

I watched the Rose Bowl while I was in JC Penney waiting for Steven to try on Jeans.

They won.

Yay! Go Ducks!

Photo credit: Google images.

Well,  I guess that’s all for now. Wanted to put up one more pic but couldn’t figure out how to steal it. Humph.

2 responses to “My life, in other people’s pictures

  1. nit picky person

    “Photo credit: Google images.”
    Google doesn’t own any of the pictures or content any of the content that appears in the search results. Yeeesh. That is like saying that because you searched for ‘facebook’ in Google and then followed the link that Facebook is owned by Google.
    Okay, that might be exaggerating a little, but you get my point.

    I dragged the photo in your blog to google images and got a lot of identical results from a lot of different sites so it is hard to say who owns the photo.


    • Yeah…It was meant to be a bit of a joke because when it was all said and done I couldn’t remember what web site I got it from.


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