70’s obsession

All of the sudden I’m mildly obsessed with the 70’s. Why? I’m not sure. The 70’s were ugly ugly ugly with browns and tans and burgundy and mustard yellow. Yeach. Ghastly colors.

But: I love the whole afro-disco-glitter-platform sandal vibe.

Also, my Mom’s high school yearbook.

Robin, the cool girl

Bruce, the heartthrob

my mother

Note: I am snapping these pics with my cell phone and then texting them to my email. This last picture, once I had snapped and sent, didn’t show up in my email account. I was confused.

Then I got a text from mom, saying, “you are so mean.”


Bruce and Robin, homecoming court. Robin! That dress! I don’t even have words.

Bruce wrote in Mom’s yearbook:

I didn’t have any math class with you this year but Becky took your place at the top of the class in Accounting. Good luck in the coming years & have a nice summer.

(I think my mom may have been smart girl in high school)

I asked Mom if my white pollyesther double-knit suit from Aunt Berenice was a 70’s look. Mom said it was. In fact, according to Mom, it might be ACTUALLY FROM THE 70’S. Like, vintage.

I also bought some yellow pollyesther double-knit fabric with little white dots all over it from a garage sale. We’ll see what that becomes.

I also want a disco ball for my kitchen, whenever I have my own kitchen again.

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