The Biggest Project I’ve Ever Done

Writing a book was easy.


Not because writing comes easily to me. Well, partially because writing comes easily to me. But mostly because I didn’t have to plot it, I didn’t have to worry about the story arc, and I didn’t even have to write most of it. It was already there, on my blog, in my diary…I just compiled it together, made the grammar better, and deleted the boring/too personal parts.

Well, I wrote some too. Maybe 20%.

My point is that right now I am working on a NOVEL. And it is the biggest project I have ever done.

I wrote it, you know. Then I wrote it again. Now I am writing it for a third time. I am not correcting the grammar and cutting out the boring parts, I am actually WRITING IT AGAIN.


It is the biggest project I’ve ever done. I have never re-written. I have never re-re-written. I have never re-re-written a story that I wrote and re-wrote when I was fourteen, making this technically a re-re-re-re-re-write. I’m not sure if the first two writes count, though, because that was a story and this is a book.

I am at Starbucks, and I am writing. WRITING, a chapter a day, a chapter in two hours, a chapter, a chapter, until finally I will be done.

I am a lover of writing. I am not a lover of BIG WRITING PROJECTS WHICH I MUST KEEP AT EVEN IF I GET TIRED OF THEM.

I will post a link to the second draft of book-Leftover Princess, fourth draft of story-Leftover Princess. It is not the draft I am working on now, because I only have four chapters written of that one.

But, you might want to read it anyway, you know.

Leftover Princess

^click link above^

Over and out,

Emily the Writer

3 responses to “The Biggest Project I’ve Ever Done

  1. Rachael Sloan

    Emily, I’m sure it will be awesome! Writing is really hard work, but you definitely have a gift. I enjoyed Leftover Princess when I read part of it that was online before, so I look forward to re-reading it. Let me know if you want another set of eyes to read/edit/give feedback for you!


  2. So why are you rewriting instead of using what you have?


  3. I always loved your version of the story. Just finished reading through the whole thing. Writing is easy editing is a royal pain. But best of luck to you. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Although I do think Julian needs a fault; he’s too perfect. 😉 Here are a few spelling and grammar mistakes I picked up to help you in your editing:
    Chapter 2:
    prize vs. prise
    superb vs. suberb
    Chapter 3:
    sweated vs. sweat
    Chapter 10:
    manners vs. manors
    Chapter 11:
    said vs. saif
    sighed vs. signed
    there vs. ther
    Chapter 12:
    lose vs. loose


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