Trip News and Real Pictures

I discovered an ingenious way to put pictures with my words. You see, I do have a camera along. My cell phone camera.

Ha ha. Pretend the quality is stellar. It’s not too hard. You just need an imagination.

The above picture is of Amy and Jenny on the way to the airport. Amy was leaving for Jamaica the same day that Ben and I left for Pennsylvania to begin our road trip to Oregon. I took the picture, and then I was amazed by it because Jenny actually looked older than Amy, even though she is eleven years younger.

This is Ben and I on our road trip. Ben is driving. Ben always drives. I always say, “Ben, I can drive if you get tired. It really is no big deal.”

He always says, “no, it’s okay. I can do it.”

The problem was that when I got that inspiration to take cell phone pictures the lighting was just right for raccoon eyes. Every single picture I took had those obvious dark shadows. Girr.

Problem solved! My eyes are not in this shot. What is in the shot is my awesome Camp Andrews t-shirt which I got at Camp Andrews. Lavon, my friend who gave it to me, said, “you can have it for free if you go back to Oregon and talk about how awesome Camp Andrews is.” So I’m going to be one step ahead and talk on my blog about the awesome Camp Andrews.

So basically there is this camp in Lancaster PA called Camp Andrews, where urban kids can come to learn about Jesus, etc. etc. If you want more info you can go to  and snoop around. I am sure you will come across many interesting facts about Camp Andrews.

But anyway, Ben and I stopped in on our way out of PA for a quick tour and also to hang out with our friend Lavon, who is the son of the director. He showed us this awesome enormous swing, and this really long zip line. There were all these rock climbing walls and this game called gaga.

Yep. Gaga. It was a cool game, or at least it looked cool, but we didn’t get to play because there were only three of us and the game required…more than three.

Oh, and there was a petting zoo. With two goats. I thought this was cool and started asking all sorts of questions, none of which Lavon knew the answer to. Apparently they just kind of sit there in their big pen, lonely and nameless, eating the grass. Lavon didn’t even know who watered them.

I thought this was a tragedy and so I named the goats. I named them Garwin and Charlie, after people I sat next to in class at Linn Benton. Later we learned that their names were actually really lame, like…um…oreo and marshmallow or something. I don’t exactly remember. But I liked my names better.

My point: Camp Andrews is a FUN and UPLIFTING place and you should tell all your friends about it and go there and stuff.

I was trying to take pictures of my Camp Andrews t-shirt. This is what the back looked like.

Yes, I have it on backwards. I am also covering up my raccoon eyes.

We went some awesome places after Camp Andrews. But however on the other hand, I don’t feel like posting about them now. So there.

5 responses to “Trip News and Real Pictures

  1. Janelle Herschberger

    Great place, that Camp Andrews!!!


  2. camp andrews? we’re nearby! i would have loved to meet you, All The Way From Orgeon! 🙂


    • Emily Smucker

      Oh yeah, that makes sense, seeing as how I first found your blog from a recommendation by my cousin, Annette Stoltzfus. 🙂


  3. We go to Camp Andrews every year – our whole church has a camp retreat for the weekend. My kids LOVE it there!


  4. I’d say you repaid them well–TEN mentions of Camp Andrews!
    I’m cool with cell phone pictures. You take better pictures with a phone than some people do with a camera.


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