Just some Ideas

Last night I dreamed that Lady Gaga wanted me to be in one of her music videos. She didn’t want me to wear my covering so I took it off but then I felt guilty. So I put it back on.

The dumb thing would not go on straight.

I just read an article on MSN called, Can You Live On $330 A Week? It is about unemployment benefits. How people struggle so hard to live off of only $330 a week.

Wait, are you kidding me? I’m thinking two weeks wages would easily cover your rent, one week’s wages would more than cover gas and utilities, and you’d be left with over $330 for food and clothes and toothpaste. Where is the difficulty in that?

Maybe if you’re trying to raise a family?

Or eat out every weekend?

Or buy a fancy wedding dress just in case your prince charming shows up?


In other news, I got this from an article about Japan:

If your home was hit by a 9.0-magnitude earthquake, a tsunami, and radiation from a nuclear power plant, you’d be forgiven for not remaining calm. Yet that’s what many Japanese quake victims appear to be doing. People are forming lines outside supermarkets. Life is “particularly orderly,” according to PBS. “Japanese discipline rules despite disaster,” says a columnist for The Philippine Star.

That is just cool. I keep thinking about the guy and his pottery shop. Maybe his stuff won’t get stolen after all, since Japanese have so much integrity and class even in the middle of disaster.

I think I would like to start an airline. Or take over an airline. Or become creative director for an airline. Or something to make flying actually enjoyable. Here are some of my ideas:

  1. Make things prettier. Like, the icky electric blue blankets they give you could be a soft green. And the white papery pillow covers could have little pink flowers printed on them.
  2. The flight attendents would all wear classy outfits. Or pretty ones. Like this:

  • The menus would be printed on pretty card stock.
  • Flight attendants would walk up and down the aisles with tea and coffee pots offering you tea or coffee.
  • Instead of getting a generic paper napkin with your meal/drink, you would get a pretty cloth napkin.
  • Not only would there be a magazine in the seat-back pocket, there would also be a comic book.
  • There could be a magazine thing with excerpts of all the latest and greatest books coming out. Can you imagine what great pr that would be? People would read the beginnings of these books on their flights and be much more likely to buy the book once they got to the next airport.


Just some ideas. Seriously, can’t you just see some little girl saying, “Daddy, let’s fly on that plane with the flowers on the pillows and the comic books in the seat.”

Oh yeah.

9 responses to “Just some Ideas

  1. Yes I agree with you, Emily, some people complain when in fact they have enough to live.
    But just for a test. Do this quiz.
    An imagine you have a large family.
    Keep up the good work. I love your blog


  2. It sounds lovely for the women but the men might want something more masculine. Like maybe moose and pinecones on the men’s pillows. And maybe blankets in hunter green and brown or with images of fishing flys, etc. Although i think they would enjoy the beautifully dressed attendants.


  3. Where did you get the picture of the dress?


  4. Ok so for one person to live onthat is tough enough, but you forgot to figure in health insurance, car insurance, medical expenses, vehicle expenses, and then you have your emergencies that come up all the time, Frankly, groceries alone and we only have 3 little ones end u costing us more like 500 a month and that’s with being very careful. This wouldn’t allow for any extra activities and hardly any gift giving, or clothing. Now as a single girl when I lived at home with my parents I used to live on 360 every 2 weeks, but it’s a totally different story when you live on your own and have little ones to clothe and feed. 330 a week would be tough trust me.


  5. Yeah, Lady Gaga probably wouldn’t understand the spiritual significance of your covering. She’d keep a poker face. Alejandro might know though. 😉


  6. hey but I enjoyed your post just saying ….:-) The money thing would be a bit of a stretch especially if you have young children.


  7. Trust me, if you were living on your own with multiple expenses you wouldn’t be saying that. I have to factor in housing, utilities, student loans (hundreds, and hundreds of dollars), transportation costs, and some for food. But guess what? After all of this, I still had to ask my loan lenders to give me deferrments and I got on state food assistance a week after I graduated from college. Yes, I am working but not enough to get by.
    4-yr College Graduate Not Making It

    P.S: If I get laid off from my job, which could occur, I might only get $50 a week in unemployment. Chew on that awhile.


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  9. Free wi-fi, legroom, and some actual food would drastically change my attitude about flying.


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