Stumbling Into your Favorite Career

I read This Article yesterday on MSN (of course) about people who accidentally fell into a career that they loved.

It totally reminds me of me. I am in love with my temporary job of helping my Dad teach in the school I grew up in before the next term of college starts. It’s like, the fun of school without the schoolwork.

Wait…your school wasn’t fun?

Well mine was. So there. (cue trip down memory lane…)

Ooooh, what violent folks we are.

Awww look how cute I was back then. I still had my tooth. And I had a terrible taste in hair and covering styles.

(Above two photos stolen from Anna Stone’s facebook page)

Culturally relevant news of the day: Justin Beiber lost the Best New Artist Grammy to Esperanza Spalding. I have no idea what kind of music she sings, except that it is jazz, but I think she is absolutely gorgeous.

photo from

Jenny thinks her hair is weird but I love it and I am also obsessed with this outfit she is wearing. So unique, so beautiful, so modest. Wait, modest? How shocking! How groundbreaking!

Oh, and she is from Portland Oregon. Score!

And yes, I am afraid to look up more information on her because I’m scared that I won’t like her so much. Hee hee. For now I’ll just smile to myself that she won over the teen idol (read: pretty much literally worshiped) Justin Beiber.

Enough said.

4 responses to “Stumbling Into your Favorite Career

  1. Hey, I took those school pictures!! Woot woot! Good memories, Ems. I’ve really been enjoying your blog, by the way. 🙂


  2. Ah yes, the cute swimsuit! Mine arrived right on Valentine’s Day and i LOVE IT!!! i thot of posting pics on FB but didn’t know if that was such a good idea. 🙂 Yes, she’s beautiful and cool because she is modest. That singer person whoever she is. Jazz can be cool.


  3. My girls like the WholeSome Wear swimsuits. I’m grateful that there is modest swimwear available!


  4. Is modesty contextual? Are there different standards for what modest should look like in different situations? Just curious. That swimsuit is modest next to a bikini, but would it be modest going grocery shopping?


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