The Days Wind Down



Nice things to have

Even if you are leaving soon

Like, tomorrow morning

(I don’t know why I look upset in all of those pictures. In reality I am a very happy person.)

All photo credits go to Sammy Ihaji. He is the guy on the far right in the first picture, wearing the red shirt.

He put the pictures on facebook. I don’t have mom’s camera with me, so facebook is all I’ve got for pictures at this point.

The nice thing about leaving friends so often is that there is still facebook.

And email.

My blog has been going really….I don’t know what the word is. Crazy perhaps? I was getting over 1000 hits a day and blogging regularly about Kenya and feeling sort of on top of the world. But I think the high may end soon, as I only got 700 or so hits yesterday.

Today I went to church, saw cute kids, and….slept! I haven’t been able to nap since I’ve gotten here. Today was the day.

Tomorrow we will see cool Kenyan animals. Real ones. Not carved ones with people begging you to buy them.

5 responses to “The Days Wind Down

  1. SG from Corvallis

    Emily, your Kenyan posts have been a great highlight this week. Everyday I wake up and look on my Blackberry to see if you have updated it, and sure enough, most of the days I would wake up and be able to read some of your incredible writing. In fact, your posts have moved me so much that I have been telling others about them.
    I was thinking earlier this week that you should either 1) get into travel writing…there are many many opportunities for doing this, and you don’t even need to travel very far if you don’t want to and 2) ever thought about attending college to learn photojournalism or a similar major? I went to Oregon State and majored in Liberal Studies with an option in New Media Communication. With that degree, you can learn video production, writing, newspaper and magazine writing, audio, website design, and social media . I just graduated in June and have not regretted it one bit. I think you would thrive in that program. You are really talented, thanks so much for the great posts.


  2. You probably got more hits than that. You see, i’ve started getting it in email and i probably don’t count on your hits anymore. And i don’t think you look upset. You look like you are concentrating on an important or intriguing discussion. i’ve loved this series. It’s like being there myself only i don’t have to get overheated to do it. i’d love to have you go to Eastern Europe and you could blog about all my old haunts so i could relive those. 🙂 i think SG has a good idea. Could any of your prerecs count toward that?


  3. P.S. You always hit a bit of a downer coming back to real life, even if you have 2000 hits!


  4. I love reading your Kenya updates! It looks beautiful.


  5. I love your trip reports, Em!!
    Keep up the good work! your posts are like a daily sunshine


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