A day of bumpy rides

I ahm thinking with the accent of a Kenyan now. I spent all day with Kenyan people. Sometimes the car would stop and we would all climb out to take a few snaps. (read: pictures.)

We rode along on a very bumpy road in a funny little van where I insisted that Jenny buckle in.

“I am buckled in,” she said.

“It doesn’t look like it.”

“The seat belt won’t tighten.”

“Than switch places with someone.”

She didn’t want to but I wanted her to because I was afraid of what would happen if we hit another speed bump while going full speed.

That’s what we did last night. Only Dad was driving, instead of a real taxi driver.

Mom bumped her head really bad and couldn’t go with us today. Jenny got a big bump on her right arm. Not her broken arm, the other one. She had no more good arms left and she was going to buckle in if I had to pull hen’s teeth to make her do it.

Ben ate some contaminated lettuce last night before the fateful road bump and woke up feeling sick today. Mom gave him activated charcoal but apparently it didn’t do it’s job because later he threw up.

Interesting fact: activated charcoal will not flush down a toilet. Everything else will flush, but the charcoal will stay.

Ben and Mom stayed home due to their varying illnesses but the rest of us, Dad Steven Amy Jenny and I, piled into the taxi/mini van thing and drove off on the very bumpy roads. Jenny was securely buckled in.

After a bit our taxi driver pointed to the left and said, “over there is where Barack Obama grew up. That is where his grandmother now lives.”

Not long after that we crossed the equator.

Finally we reached our destination, a remote village where an old friend of ours had started a school. Each grade had a little mud-walled room where they learned about how houses are made from cement blocks with tin sheets for the roofs.When we walked in they all rose in unison and said, “Hello teacha, how are you teacha?”

So, so cute.

There are more pictures but it takes forever to upload and we are about to leave for supper so no time.

Mom is howling with laughter and Steven is yelling “not funny” from the bathroom and Ben is saying, “It’s kind of funny, but kind of awful too.”

Hmm. Do I want to know what happened?

(All I heard was a bathroom door slamming and Steven yelling.)

Now Mom is on her knees apologizing.

Oh dear.

Um, where was I? Oh yes after we saw the school we went and toured this farm thing which was really quite boring to me but fascinating to my father. I felt a bit ill due to the heat.

During lunch we talked about schools and teaching. I found it fascinating. Jenny was still bored.

We drove home. I lost my sunglasses. Oh well. Everyone told me they made me look like a bug even though I liked them because they were kind of retro and Jacki O and not so trendy.

Okay, got to go right now.

One response to “A day of bumpy rides

  1. SG from Corvallis

    Your post was hilarious, well except for the injuries, stomach illness, and heat. You are very talented and you make me feel like I am in Kenya when I read your blog. Thanks for cheering me up, keep up the great writing!


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