Strange search terms

If someone types a word or phrase (such as “Emily Smucker”) into a search engine, and then from there clicks a link to my blog, it will show me what they searched for. Not the person who searched, unfortunately, but the words they typed in.

Words like “Em’s blog” and “Emily Smucker” are searched frequently, but sometimes the oddest search terms propel people to my blog.

These two were searched today:

log about being cinderella at a fancy dance

inauguration speeches for college annual day

And yesterday…

uggs beanut mannen

walmart earth the book wiki

virginia fashion blogger

why do people feel as if virginia is a strange place to live

the blog for people who like antique wood world music thrift stores.

Other random ones this week…

call me flory costume

“love in rubber boots

demons moccasins

Yeah…quite amusing. I suppose I use so many random words that all the weird search engine terms go to my blog.

Firefox daisy Rapunzel baby seals fuzzy pink ink printer hobbits leaping cats coaster croutons bubble dress guitar teapot gummy bears door knobs hui (that cat wrote that last word which will attract the cats who utilize search engines) hair straw Bible potluck glowsticks power cord Tinkerbell Steve Irwin rocket propelled grenade Lil’ Wayne circle Jane Eyre polka dotted elephant swimming in a puddle of pink goo

That should attract some interesting searches.

2 responses to “Strange search terms

  1. “polka dotted elephant swimming in a puddle of pink goo.”
    You just made my night.


  2. my oddest one had to be “kids on a car bonnet in motorcross clothes”


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