Wedding Videography

I have a habit of coming up with some crazy money-making scheme and then realizing a few days later how lame-o and impossible it is and dropping the matter completely. Right now my idea is videotaping weddings for a business.

Wouldn’t that be so much fun?

Like, you could have a close up camera and a far away camaera. That way you could have a sweeping shot of the whole church, and yet use the audio from the closer shot to clearly hear that they are saying their vows. Then, bang! You cut close up as they are pronounced to be man and wife and a look of delight crosses their faces.

You could have three cameras set up on tripods, getting different angles. Then you could take another camera and run around with it, getting feet trotting down the aisle, the husband taking the wife’s hand, the tiny flower girl’s look of delight as she scatters petals on the ground, etc.


Oh, and the reception!! That would be tons of fun, because you could have so much more freedom with editing than you could with the wedding. You could cut out all the boring parts of the reception, and just show shots of interesting bits with music here and there to break up the monotony.

I am bursting with ideas, but of course the reality is that I have only one video camera and the worst of the worst video editing software and no clue as to how one goes about getting hired to videotape weddings.

Still, it is now a “someday” dream because it seems like the coolest most fun job in the world.

I went back to SMBI this weekend to visit my sister Amy. Goodness gracious I miss that place. I know why, now.

At SMBI, it is easy to belong.

I thought it would be hard to belong at SMBI, but it wasn’t. I wasn’t an outsider because everyone else was new and scared too. I was around just as much as everyone else and I didn’t miss out on the jokes.

Everywhere else I’ve gone has me feeling very outsider-trying-to-get-in like.

However, the good news is that I went there with my friend Elizabeth and her friend Becky. I say “her friend” and not “my friend” because when we left I didn’t really know her that well. She just moved to the area, but we never hang out.

Well I am certain that will change, because we became friends over the weekend. I showed Becky  and Elizabeth some of the movies I had made and Becky said, “Emily, we could  have a business together. You could videotape weddings and I could take the pictures.”

I, as you can see from this post, was delighted with that impossible idea.

Well anyway I guess I’ll have to shelve my enthusiasm for now and get back to real life, but…sigh. What a beautiful idea, huh? Getting paid to videotape and edit?

I’ll be quite now.



4 responses to “Wedding Videography

  1. “I know why, now. At SMBI, it is easy to belong.”

    So true. So incredibly profoundly true. I miss that place too.

    And Becky just so happens to be one of my very dearest friends. I would highly approve your starting a wedding business together. In fact.. I’ll even join. You do videos, Bec can do pictures, and I’ll do music. (Now we just need a florist, and we could totally rock the whole wedding.) 😀 😀


  2. Wedding photography is difficult. Wedding videography is infinitely more difficult. You can do it, but it will require HUGE amounts of effort and practice to do well. If you want to get into it, practice, practice, practice by videoing other church services or events or small band/quartet/choral concerts for free.


    • Hey Hans thanks for the tips! I am very encouraged now because I can begin practicing even if I have very little equipment, right? Now to find a small event to practice on.


  3. Wedding photography means you take a picture every 30 seconds or at the most 4 or 5 pictures in one second. Wedding videography means you are taking 30 pictures per second and you have to worry about sound. If wedding photography is keeping one ball in the air, videography is keeping 30 balls in the air.


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