Another Blog

I decided that I need a new and unique way to inspire myself to write about Princess Chloe and her sisters. Thus, Princess Chloe now has a blog.

I don’t really know how long this will last. But I guarantee that if you comment and such it will inspire a longer lasting blog life.

Now, behind the story of Princess Chloe’s blog, there is another story. The story goes like this:

When I was 17 I went to South Carolina for two weeks to stay with my sister. I was very sick at the time. The trip was extremely profound for me, because my life was so boring that going to visit her felt like, I don’t know, going to Narnia or something.

If you have read my book there is a good chance that you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Back then I wrote my diary on the computer, and saved it with a password. But while I was in South Carolina I didn’t have my computer along, since my computer was a desktop, so I made new documents on Amy’s computer and had  her email them to me later. Or maybe I just wrote my diary in emails and emailed them to myself. I couldn’t remember.

When I was writing my book, I looked for the diary entries I had written during this significant time in my life, and couldn’t find them anywhere.

I looked on my computer.

I looked on Amy’s computer.

I looked all over

I even looked all over my old email that I never use anymore,

They were nowhere to be found. I had to rely on memory,  blog posts, and diary entries that I had written about the trip after I came back. It was very disappointing.

So, back to the whole thing of Chloe’s blog. It was very late at night and I had this weird urge to start a blog for Princess Chloe. So I went to and tried to make a new blog. But when I put as my email address, they said, “Sorry! that email address is already in use!”

So just today I discovered that if I’m already signed in as EmilySmucker, I can add another blog to the same account. Or something like that. But I did not know that then, and so I put in my alternate email address, I don’t check that email address often. Just once a month or so. I keep it on hand just for situations like this, and also for IM.

When signed into my hotmail account they said I had a message from Brandon Beach, and when I clicked, it took me to a page that was like my inbox, only it only showed messages from my IM contacts. There weren’t very many, but there were some from Emily Smucker with “Diary” as the title.

Could it be?

Yes, it was. The missing diary material from when I was in SC. Or you could say, the missing chapter of my book. 🙂 Perhaps I should edit it and put it up here sometime.

I have no idea why I emailed it to my hotmail account. It makes very little sense. And of course I never saw it when I checked that email adress every now and again because it was buried way down deep in the depths of various windows updates.


That is the end of the story.

Go read Princess Chloe’s Blog.

(And if you’re curious to know what Brandon Beach emailed me about, I am too. All I could see was a random string of letters and numbers. But maybe it was supposed to be some sort of birthday greeting because it was sent on my birthday.)

3 responses to “Another Blog

  1. Hooray for finding your diary and for starting a blog for Princess Chloe!


  2. So this isn’t the actual book, right?
    Liked your Louder Than Words Book.
    Keep writing.
    More, please. 🙂
    P.S. You should definitely keep it on inkpop. There’s too much vampire romance mystery horror killer stuff.


  3. Hey how’s the book going?
    I too would love to read the rest!


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