Is it rude to drive slow?

I remember the day I first discovered the wonders of driving slow. I was driving home from a graduation photo shoot, feeling somewhat sick, and wishing there was a way to drink my half-finished dr. pepper without veering off the road. And then it struck me: drive 45 mph instead of 60 mph.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed puttsing around on those country roads, sipping my dr. pepper and feeling as though nothing in the world can harm me.

Back then I only drove slow when there was no one behind me and I had no passengers. I didn’t want to annoy anyone. But the more I do it, the more I love it, and, consequently, the more I feel I annoy people. But I still do it. I still drive five to ten miles under the speed limit instead of five to ten miles over.


Well, several reasons, actually.

  1. I don’t view driving as a roller coaster ride. I’m not getting thrills out of it. To me, driving is like a beautiful stroll in the park. A quiet, leisurely sort of fun.
  2. I have always been insecure about my driving skills. I weave around when I’m fiddling with the radio, don’t notice motorcycles, and absentmindedly pass Old Order buggies when I can’t see very far over the hill. Mostly, I daydream like crazy and space out. Driving slow is my way of combating this. The more tired and spacey I am, the slower I drive.
  3. I like the idea of saving on gas money.

Legitimate reasons, right? I mean, if you bump into a tree while strolling through the park you aren’t going to get hurt as bad as if you bump into a tree while running full speed. But unfortunately it’s not all about me. There are those poor people who end up stuck behind me. And Virginia is not like Oregon or Colorado. You can’t just pass people all the time, because there is always a hill or a turn you can’t see beyond.

Then I go on facebook, and hear people rant about slow drivers. Sigh.

So what I’m wondering is this: how rude is it to drive slow? What are your opinion? And am I the only person under 70 who enjoys driving slow?

8 responses to “Is it rude to drive slow?

  1. I personally find slow drivers slightly annoying, but i have a serious need for speed.


  2. I love to meander slowly down country roads and I also love to drive fast! When I am meandering I try to be aware of traffic stacking up behind me and pull off to let them all go by every so often.


  3. So I was thinking about your number 3, and googled it, and found that the point where you get the most miles per gallon with a car is generally about 55 mph. Of course, at speeds above 65 mileage decreases dramatically.

    I wish I could just say, “drive however you want! It’s your life! Enjoy it!” but honestly, people plan their day and how much time they need for different things based on driving certain speeds, and when you drive slowly you are, in a sense, stealing their time. I would say if you’ve got cars behind you you really should either drive the speed limit or take Rai’s suggestion and pull over to let them go by.


  4. I agree with Amy’s last paragraph – there are so many times that I’ve got stuck behind slow drivers on my way to work (going at least 15-20 miles below the speed limit), and it really can mess up your timing. I’ve been close to being late because of it. Part of that is my fault because I didn’t allow extra time for such instances, but it still is sort’ve frustrating, especially when you can’t pass.

    On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the scenery and driving slowly. It is good to be considerate of others on the road though, and find a good balance. 🙂


  5. i agree with all these girls! i love to drive slowly on country roads or when i’m by myself, and no one’s behind me… but when people are driving slow and i get behind them… it drives me absolutely bonkers! like amy said, timing is everything. if someone was having an emergency (i think of this every time someone is slow in front of me) and needed to be somewhere but you’re driving too slowly, that could be life or death… so i say go at least the speed limit…

    but that is just what its called… :] and that is what’s so great about that little sign. the speed limit is just that :] you can legally drive however slow you want, as long as it is below that posted limit :]


  6. ah, but there’s nothing like wandering around on the old country roads of harrisonburg and dayton. driving slowly, of course. but then again, it is rather annoying to get behind a grandpa Oldsmobile whose speedometer clutches 35 mph around the curves, on your way to work. So maybe here’s where the golden rule comes in.:)


  7. hey em… a fairly new a huge fan of driving rather leisurely if no one is behind me. If someone is…they can pass 🙂


  8. Hey! I’m 17 and I just recently discovered the joys of driving slow! 😀 Especially if I don’t have an appointment or deadline to meet!! So rock-on slow drivers!! p.s. it must be an emily thing! 🙂


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