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I have a Bridgewater College student ID card and for some reason that makes everything feel real. Real like yes, I am going. To college. Me! To major in communications and become a certified elementary teacher and put myself on a climb towards a bigger future.

Yesterday I went to an orientation. I was sitting there, once, when I heard a voice say, “Wait, you’re Emily Smucker?”

I turned, smiled, and said, “Yes, I am Emily Smucker.” Then I realized that the girl talking to me had absolutly no reason to know who I was.

“You have such a cool name,” she said. “We were looking at the names of the freshmen and we just thought your name was so cool.”

I was happy inside when I heard that. To be perfectly honest, I’ve always thought “Smucker” to be a perfectly ridiculous clunky sounding last name which reminds one of jam. And “Emily,” well, how much more boring of a name can you get than “Emily?” If I wasn’t an author it wouldn’t matter so much. I’d just get married and be “Emily Goldfarb” or something. But since I am an author, I’ll always be known as “Emily Smucker” instead of something cool like “Marni Bates” or “Chelsey Shannon.”

Still, apparently someone saw my name and it stood out to them as a really cool name. I find that amazingly comforting.

3 responses to “Enter Title Here

  1. I bet almost everyone feels the same way about their name that you do about yours


  2. Bridgewater College! I know exactly where you are going to school. My hometown. And the school there behind Hardy’s is where I got most of my elementary education. Welcome.


  3. Congratulations! You’re going to love it, I’m sure!


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