I am sick of it

Sick of the neglect I have given my blog, that is. Poor thing.  I vowed to never give up blogging for facebook, and then I gave up blogging for inkpop.

That is about to change. I’ve decided to give myself a 7 day challenge.

I’m posting once a day for seven days.

Ha! Take that, inkpop.

Random news of the day: I picked up a book called “Haters” at the library because it has a cool cover and looks interesting. I’ll let you know if it’s any good.

So far, a girl with a weird name is annoyed at her dad because he wants to move to LA to get his comic book series turned into a movie. I mean, hello? The hot guy at her school just started liking her! She can’t run away from that!

I have been thinking a lot about angels recently. Today I asked the little kindergartener that I tutor if she had ever seen an angel. I was curious, because sometimes children see angels when grown-ups don’t.

She didn’t know what an angel was. I tried to explain how God sends angels to help us. Then she said, “I saw an angel one time on the playground. A boy fell down and the angel stopped him from getting hurt.”

“Really?” I asked, “what did the angel look like?”

“His eyes,” she said emphatically. She also used the word “princess” somewhere in there, as a description of this angel that she saw.

Anyway, I found that fascinating.

A little muslim girl at backyard Bible club kept talking about Jesus forgiving our sins and other true, but very Christian, doctrines. I wondered how God is in her little mind, with the muslim teaching at home and the Christian teaching at Bible club.

When it came time to pray she said, “I’ll do it in arabic! We do it like this.” then she bowed her head to the floor, the way Muslims pray in pictures.

Till tomorrow then!

3 responses to “I am sick of it

  1. Does this mean that we have to wait even longer for the next chapter to go up on inkpop? Bummer! 🙂 But I do enjoy your blog posts too.


  2. that angel story made my day…. who knows……


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