…snapshots of my life…

On Saturday the whole Barbo family and I went hiking. Since Aunt Rebecca has problems with her knee, she used these two walking sticks that looked like ski poles to take pressure off of her knee while she walked.

The trail we walked on was actually a horse trail, so it wasn’t long before a horse trotted by.

“Hey Jason,” said Derek when the horse had passed, “Let’s hijack the next two horses, and then we can go jousting using Mom’s walking sticks!”

Jason heartily agreed, and he and Derek began to argue about who would win in a jousting tournament.

“How would you get the horses to charge at each other?” someone asked.

Aunt Rebecca said, “Just make sure they are male horses, and they’ll do it naturally. If you get females they’ll just sit down and have a tea party or something.”

Why is it that once I decided to post at least once a week, I could consistently do that except for when I was depressed, but when I decide to post three times a week, I can’t?

I am tired. Today I went to a writer’s conference at CLP. I decided to take a cat nap in my car and ended up sleeping through lunch. Then I had to rush of and go tutor Jehirah and in the end I was very hungry.

Speaking of my car, I got licence plates today. I’ve been using those temporary cardboard ones for a month. But my new ones have my initials, “ESS,” on them, and it’s entirely a coincidence, as far as I can tell.

Yesterday me Keith and Derek went out in the rain and threw a frisbee around.

There is a guy who does ASP named Tony. Once he was talking about my blog and I said, “I’m having trouble thinking of something to post. Do you want me to post about you?”

That was a dumb thing to say because of course then he expected me to post about him and it’s really hard to think of something to post about someone when they expect you to post about them.

(Just FYI, that was a run-on sentence. I don’t think the writer’s conference today did me much good.)

I got a letter from Hillary today.

I need to study for my SAT. Tootles.

4 responses to “…snapshots of my life…

  1. Sometimes, run-on sentences are necessary 😀


  2. I used to work at CLP back when Park View Press did their printing.


  3. Hi, My name is Angie Chick. I’m reading your book and i just want to say that i look up to you so much. I’ve got a lot of health problems and I’m always sick. Since 2nd grade i’ve been in and out of school. I’ve missed out so much on a lot just like you. You are a VERY strong person. Sorry about posting this kinda random but i wanted to find you and say that your a great role model … Have you heard of a web site called inspire?
    It has support groups for everything it helps me out a lot.
    Btw your really funny . I love your book. My email is lift_me_up_92@yahoo.com if you ever want to talk 😀

    Hope all is well


  4. Hi Emily! I meant to comment a while back when you were asking for book suggestions. Have you ever read Ray Blackston? Flabbergasted is the first of a trilogy and the best–I highly reccomend the audio version-best road trip book ever! ***I just read your Leftover Princess and liked it better than I thought I might since that genre isn’t really my thing.–the ‘under the radar’ phrase in the first chapter seemed a little out of its time-and that is all the crytiquing I’m going to do since I am terrible about grammar and punctuation myself.


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