Relationship Drama, and more

I have virtually no relationship drama in my life. No friends whispering behind my back, no friends whispering to me behind their friends backs, no guys who I text and then they text me back and I text them back and they don’t text me back and I’m like, did they reply to that first text cause they like me or do they not like me because they didn’t reply to the second text?


So here’s the question: Is there no relationship drama in my life because of who I am or because of my circumstances?

Or conversely, do people have a lot of relationship drama in their lives because those are the cards they were dealt, or did they inadvertently choose it?

Hmm…I can’t quite make up my mind on that point.

Let’s see. I looked and looked at the library for the books you guys recommended, but had a hard time finding them. I did find two books which were recommended by Tom. They were obviously guy books.

Here is my assessment of books: If they have muted colors, with a pretty girl in the foreground and a shadowy man in the background, they are girl books, consisting of romance with thick heavy feelings.

If they have a few bold colors, black and blue, or silver and black, or black and red, they are guy books, usually consisting of unrealistic action. Oh and they usually have a simple picture on the front, of a gun maybe, or running feet, or something.

I don’t read many of either genre, preferring middle grade books, or sometimes YA. But hey, all I could really find of the whole list of recommended books were these guy books, so of course I checked them out!

The first one I picked up was called “Odd Thomas.” The beginning is interesting and creepy. I may not finish it due to the creepy factor or I may finish it due to it’s interesting factor.

However, true  to guy-book form, the main character has already chased a bad guy and broken a panda bear lamp over his head.

Just sayin’

The other guy book I haven’t picked up yet.

The Betsy-Tacy books were also recommended to me. I’ve already read the first 4. They were given to my little sister for Christmas once. But I checked out the 5’th one at the library, entitled “Heaven to Betsy,” and I must say I loved it. If you want an example of the kind of romance that makes me happy inside, check out that book.

It takes me to a happy place. Sigh. Why can’t real life be like it is in “Heaven to Betsy?”

There was one bump in that road though, and that was the fact that they used a Ouija board like it was a common, fun, board game. All I really knew about Ouija boards were a few cautionary remarks in a few sermons I’d heard once upon a time, so I looked it up on Wikipedia. Truthfully, this reinforced my unease.

So “Heaven to Betsy” is a good simple happy read except for the Ouija board weirdness.

Besides that, it gave me some ideas for future SMBI dresses.

Oooooh, ahhhhhhhh, BEAUtiful.

Oh and I did pick up a book that was not recommended by the author of a book that was recommended but I forget the names and I don’t feel like checking so I’ll provide more info once I actually read it.

Speaking of SMBI, I visited over the weekend. It was lovely. It’s nice to know that if there ever is a time when I can’t figure out my life, I can just go to SMBI until I have somewhere else to go. It’s a magical sort of place.

Or perhaps I should say miracle sort of place.

Love, Emily Sara Smucker

(What is the proper way to end a blog post anyway? I’ve been doing it for four and a half years, you’d think I’d have it figured out by now.)

5 responses to “Relationship Drama, and more

  1. I didn’t really expect you to actually read one of my suggestions! As penance for my pessimism, I will read one of yours. If I can find it in audio book form.

    Odd Thomas does have a creep factor, however it is also very touching. But then perhaps I’m not the best judge of “touching” though.


  2. Pierre Schweitzer

    So here’s the question: Is there no relationship drama in my life because of who I am or because of my circumstances?

    Wohhh Big question….

    I think it’s a mixture of personality and circumstances. But believe me, even if it is a bit boring at time, you don’t want relationship drama in your life. Small ones are ok but it can turn really ugly, and I really wish you that you will never meet the big ones!! Believe me!!



  3. Caution: do not read this post while your husband is trying to talk to you because you will keep bursting into giggles and then right when he wants your opinion about something you will read about ideas for SMBI dresses and shriek with laughter and your husband will be all confused because really, he wasn’t trying to be funny.


  4. Ohhh, the Betsy books! I love those books, still do, even though I’m definitely on the old side of young…

    Relationship drama: I’ve been mostly relationship-drama-free, and I like it that way. I would tend to say it’s a choice, but then that sounds rather heartless and un-understanding…


  5. I read a Betsy-Tacy book recently and it’s not as good as Beverly Cleary’s beginning memoir “A Girl from Yamhill” and about the same era.(I think)
    Here is a book suggestion, well actually an author suggestion…but I can’t remember her name Rosamonde something. Her books are the kind of romance you’d probably enjoy, judging from your choice of books/authors and your comments.
    She is on a list of 100 books everyone should read with “The Shell Seekers”
    I haven’t read THAT one, but I found 5 of her other books at a garage sale. they all have flowered covers and I was short on money (I’d just spent over $100 at the Lane County Fair Authors Corner buying books-including 2 copies of yours) as I was debating my purchase, the woman said they were so good I should read them and gave me a deal.I think I paid 50 cents or maybe $1 for all 5. I’ve not only read all of them but shared them with two other readers. When I get a chance I’ll check out “The Shell Seekers” from the library.
    But I’m rattling on-as is my habit. one had Gemini in the title and one really thick one covered a lifetime, and I was sad when it ended ’cause I wanted more!


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