Nearing the Port

I GOT MY RESEARCH PAPER DONE TODAY!!!!!!!! Finally finally finally I am actually getting close to getting my high school work done. It is an amazing feeling.

I now have to do once pace of economics and finish up various books and reports on books that comprise my Christian Literature and then I’ll be done. And it’s mostly enjoyable work so it shouldn’t take too long.

And then I’ll get a netbook. Oh yeah!

This Thursday Annie starts up again!

Next Tuesday my Mom comes!

So it seems as though my life is falling into place and going smoothly. I have my life very nicely and neatly planned up to October 20 and then I have no clue what on earth is gonna happen to me. It’s a strange feeling, really.

My landlord is selling my house. I don’t have a job. In a couple of months I could be living permanently in Colorado, or I could be living permanently in Oregon.

I am very tired of explaining my life to people. Life would be so much easier if everyone read my blog.

For instance, when I came to Church with a band-aid on my chin, I got asked a gazillion times what happened to me. But a few people came up to me and said, “so, how is your chin doing?” They already knew what happened, because they read it on my blog. It was so amazing.

I got a blue dress for free today.

The other day I was eating a brownie and I had the following thought process. “Bleh. I don’t really feel like eating this brownie. I’ll look in the fridge and see if there’s something else to eat. Oh! Sweet, I have lettuce! Wait a minute…I just had the weirdest thought process ever.”

2 responses to “Nearing the Port

  1. No wonder you’re so skinny.


  2. Emily, I finished reading your book today. It was excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed your writing style. I was hooked! Props to you!


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