I signed up to work backstage at a community theater production of “Annie” last month, and I’m totally loving it. I’m not acting in it, mind you, just working backstage. Everyone seems a bit perplexed as to why I’m working backstage and not acting, but backstage work is just less complicated. You don’t have to worry about your costume being immodest or having to say bad words or anything of that sort. Plus I signed up way too late to act in it, and I don’t particularly like to sing.

The first practice that I had to go to was on Saturday. And I didn’t know a single person. That was kind of scary. But everything turned out all right.

Anyway, I ended up having a blast. The other backstage workers are mostly moms who have kids in the play (seriously, it’s a little weird that all these ladies have to move all the heavy furniture around, but whatever) and we had all kinds of fun. There was a pile of these old hats in one corner, and so three of us wore these cute little hats. It was so awesome. We’d dance backstage while the actors sang their songs and then scurry to get the sets changed whenever the curtain closed.

My “official duty” is to help people with quick changes. There are some times when the actresses have to get changed FAST, and so it’s my duty to help them. It’s actually kind of fun, although at yesterday’s practice I was changing this girl into this dress for the first time and I wasn’t nearly fast enough. The dress was weird, with a train and a lining and a zipper in the side, and it took us too long to figure it out.

“Grace! Grace!” called Mr. Warbucks from the stage.

We struggled to get the dress on. “Um…” Grace called back.

Mr. Warbucks went on with the scene without her. She came rushing on just as he was coming off. “It’s about time!” he ad libbed at her.

I just about died laughing.

But he had a quick change then. He was on his own, since I don’t help the guys change, and he ended up rushing back on stage without his suit coat or his shoes. He was wearing Grinch socks. It was really funny.

I’m so glad I’m able to do this. It’s really a learning experience. Hopefully when I’m done with this I’ll be able to better organize plays to do with my friends.

4 responses to “Annie!

  1. Sounds like you had fun!! When is the play? – Monica


    • September 26, 27, and 28 at Florence High School, October 9, 10, and 11 at Florence High School, and October 16, 17, and 18 and Canon City High School.


  2. Your story about the man dashing on stage with just socks and no shoes cracked me up!


  3. my mom and sister and I went to the “real” play when it was in our area a few years ago…interesting! and catchy music, we were singing “tomorrow” for the next few weeks! =) Have fun.


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