Any ideas, smart people out there?

When I was on xanga, Mom got my grandma a xanga site, and then subscribed to me, so that all my posts were emailed to her. Grandma doesn’t do internet or anything complicated, but she does email, and she loved receiving updates on my life like that.

Well now that I’ve moved to wordpress she doesn’t get the emails anymore and she misses them. So what I’m thinking is, surely there is an easy way to get my posts automatically emailed to my grandma, right? But how?

Any ideas, smart people out there?

3 responses to “Any ideas, smart people out there?

  1. I use Feedblitz for blogs. I missed not getting them to my email like xanga updates and somehow found this thru a friend. I like it!


  2. Feed Blitz works great for me too!


  3. I think Matt set up my Feedblitz and I’m sure he can do the same for you if he can wrest your password from your clenched fists.


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