Glue stick

Since I last posted I have…

Had a book signing at my house in Oregon where the most random assortment of people showed up.

Gone to the fair, again, and sold only 4 books.

Had a large number of people ask me if I’m in College and had to tell them the shameful news that I’m still trying trying to finish up my high school work.

Went through all my stuff and realized just how much useless stuff I have, yet how many memories go along with it.

Went garage saling and spent one dollar and fifty cents.

Recovered the inside of this cool vintage overnight case I got for a dollar.

Got terribly horribly sick and spent an entire day in bed absolutely miserable.

Gone to this obscure camp with all the Smuckers even though I felt so sick.

Listened to long Smucker arguments.

Got a bit better.

Played foosball.

Tried to avoid milk and eggs.

Learned how to poach egg yolks.

Went to the beach and danced in the waves.

Felt too sick to pack the night before I left.

Did some frantic last minute packing and weighing suitcases until I had a fifty pound suitcase, a fourty eight pound suitcase, a heavy backpack, and a heavy vintage overnight case.

Checked the airport bookstore for my book and couldn’t find it.

Got on a plane and sat by a Jewish couple. Had very interesting conversations with them, and they ended up buying my book.

Got off the plane and struggled to get my suitcases off the rack. A lady helped me, while commenting numerous times about how you can’t find a guy to help you with things like this anymore.

Saw the Jewish couple again, and they helped me take my baggage out to the pick up area.

Got picked up by Gaylord and Kay and drove around in circles a few times before finding our way home.

Composed blog posts in my head that I will probably never post.

Slept and slept.

Went to Knepps to use internet and was greeted by a shrill “what are you doing here???” from Sierra.

Hopefully I will soon start posting regularly and interestingly again.

3 responses to “Glue stick

  1. Totally understand about the blog post in your head thing, I do it all the time.


  2. WooHoo! a new post from you! I LOVE reading what you write! Yes I know I need to get with it and order your book! Glad you got a bit better and hope that continues into ALOT better!!!


  3. Welcome back!


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