Stupid stupid stupid writers block

I think I’ll make a list of all the things I don’t feel like writing about.

  • My writers block
  • The post I did at home but forgot to bring to Knepp’s to post
  • My first book signing yesterday
  • Chicken pocks and little sisters
  • Website links that don’t work
  • Riding to the post office on a hot day and then forgetting to bring the book that I was going to mail
  • Cake
  • Random people from deep in my past that want to be my friends on facebook
  • Mosquitoes
  • Bubble gum
  • Gum that is incapable of making bubbles
  • Already been chewed gum
  • Pink gum
  • Purple gum
  • Gum that smells like grapes and pineapples

2 responses to “Stupid stupid stupid writers block

  1. You could also not write about the weather, Paris Hilton, the stock market, how you used to call puppets “pumpets” and triplets “trimplets,” fescue, and azaleas.


  2. Thankfully you don’t have writers block all the time. I read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it! You are a strong, amazing young lady and your faith in God in the face of adversity is encouraging. I have passed your book on to my 16 year old niece to read. Looking forward to your next book. Connie


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