Funny little things

Once I was talking to a girl. I told her that I have an awesome family. And she said, “sometimes it makes me sad when people say that, because I don’t have an awesome family.” Or something like that.

It made me realize that having an awesome family isn’t a normal thing. It’s a special thing. A very wonderful thing.

My sisters are here visiting me right now. To hang out with them and act silly is so wonderfully amazingly fun.

There are many happy things I could say about my book, like that my editor liked the book trailer footage I sent in, and that, according to her, the website and book trailers will be done soon. But what I want to say about my books is WHY CAN’T THEY JUST GET HERE ALREADY? I called in again, and was informed that they won’t get here until Thursday. Sigh.

Oh, but there’s another happy thing! For all you fellow Mennonites, I’m gonna be selling books at the BMA convention, Lord willing!! So excited about that.

See, the thing is, I really did not think I would be able to. Because the girl on the cover really does not look Mennonite, and she sort of has a bare arm and such. My mom did not think there was any hope but the board of directors ended up approving it! Way excited.

Perhaps I’m more excited about this board of Mennonite ministers approving it than the fact that I will be able to sell books. Because I had no say in what the covers look like, and though I really did love how my cover turned out, I was also afraid that, well, people wouldn’t approve.

If you want to see what the cover looks like, click the “book” tab at the top of the page.

Anyway…let’s see. What more is there to say.

Thursday there was a Mexican dinner for cell meeting, and we were supposed to come dressed up in Mexican costumes. So I wore this outlandish outfit and when I got there, what do you know, everyone was dressed in normal clothes. :-S


Well, not quite. Still, not nearly everyone dressed up.

It was so funny, Dallas and Gaylord drew big black moustaches on their faces. It looked awesome.

Amy and Jenny and I did a bunny hop last night. It was great.

6 responses to “Funny little things

  1. Hooray for the boards’s decision. Even as a non-Mennonite I can see how HUGE that is!

    Hope you have a GREAT 19th birthday!!!


  2. So you thought my outfit was pretty normal?


  3. Emily,

    Please see ” book cover copy is important ” for my comment.

    I think that you’ll be a delightful author to read.



  4. Congratulations on your book, Emily! This is a huge accomplishment, especially for a young lady of your age.

    God bless you and your work.


  5. comment 4 didn’t go on book cover is important.
    SFI understand why to book company chose the kind of cover that they did for the 3 books, to appeal to the kind of readers who might be shopping for a book.

    However I wish that it was your photo or a well arranged photo of your journals or coustumes or something that says “Emily”. You and Amy could have made an appealing cover.

    Would the book co. allow you to make your own book jackets or photo for conservative mennonite and like minded buyers to glue or put on the book? At least a photo to keep with the book ?

    Seeing that a that a veiled christian teen can be published would inspire other teens to use their talents.


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