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Become healthy, don’t say awkward things

Today I went to the doctor to get blood drawn from some blood tests.

I’ve had my blood drawn so many times now that it’s sort of like, “psh.” No big deal. Except for the fact that I still refuse to look at the needle poked into my arm, or the vial filling up with my blood. And I wished my mom was there so I could hold her hand. Other than that I was like, “psh.”

One of my New Years resolutions, you see, is to GET HEALTHY. This is not so much as a “hmm, it would be nice,” resolution as it is a “I must get healthy or else I will not be able to hold onto a job and/or a life” resolution.

Thank God, I have very nice super duper awesome (insert more adjectives) parents who help me fund health-related ventures. So I now have a natural-remedy-loving Dr. who is going to try to help me become healthy.

When I first walked into the office, I saw a dispenser of GREEN TEA. I was instantly sold.

After talking to her, I felt like there was hope.

When I got home, Jenny said, “wow. Usually when you come home from the doctor you look sad, but today you look happy!”

I am trying to walk EVERY DAY now, which my cousin Stephy has been very helpful with.

We swing our arms dramatically when we walk.

We link arms and skip like we are in The Wizard of Oz.

The health thing is going pretty good so far. I also made a resolution to not say awkward things, which I failed nearly right away. Oh well, I’LL KEEP TRYING.

These are the people who received the brunt of the awkward things I said. I mostly like this picture because it makes my face look like a skull.

I don’t like skulls and dead things. But it is still remarkably interesting, in my opinion.

Photo credits: Steph Coblentz, Shelby Graber