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Life, with a nice dash of snow-covered zest

I went to the steepest part of the hill. Did I dare?

Setting the red saucer on the ground, I began to climb on. Then, “no, no!” I yelled at the saucer, as it began to slide. “I’m not ready yet!”

I was still awkwardly folding my legs into the sled as I yelled. But the sled ignored me, plunging backwards down the steepest drop-off, spinning and sliding rapidly as I held on with one hand and used the other to clutch at my skirt, which was flying up.


The ride ended, and I was sitting in a pile of snow at the bottom of the hill. When I stood up I placed one of my feet back on the saucer, which promptly slid out from under me as I ended up in the snow again.

I laughed and laughed.

The snow glittered under the brilliant sun. “If only snow didn’t melt,” I thought, “there would be no need for diamonds.”

I was travelling out to Eagle Crest for the weekend with Aunt Rosie, Uncle Phil, their three kids, and my cousin Stephy. The plan was to stop for an hour or so when we were up in the mountains, and go sledding.

I packed a thick coat and boots just in case I felt like wandering a bit in the snow. Then, when we reached our destination, I thought maybe I would just skip the snow altogether and take a nap in the car.

Then I remembered this little cartoon in my psychology textbook.

Reading it made me think, “wow, I must be a type B personality,” and it made me a little sad. I would be much more likely to not climb the mountain because, what’s the point?

Which I think would be fine, if I was doing something worthwhile instead. But if I’m just sleeping, well, that is a terrible way to live your life.

So I climbed the mountain. And I slid down on a red saucer. My skirt flew up because I didn’t have any snow pants, but I laughed, and I wouldn’t have laughed if I had been sleeping.


And before I go, here’s another little picture I found, which I liked very much.

Because. I like ukuleles a lot. Also, I dislike nuclear bombs a lot.

We All Love SMBI

Hello everyone.

I am at SMBI.

It is snowy here. That is why the world looks so white.

There is a snow shovel on the front porch. Or maybe it is too small to be considered a porch. It’s more of a front stoop.

I haven’t posted for a while because first I was flying (boo-ring!) and then I was in Virginia and I didn’t really feel like writing.

I was sad.

And packing up all my stuff.

And sad.

But now I am happy because it is almost impossible to not be happy when you are here.

With the mailboxes.

And the little box where the secretary sits.

And the nice cooks who let you hang out in the kitchen if you feel like it.

Last night I was so tired and I went to bed early. “Bed” being the couch in the ladies’ lounge. But I didn’t go to sleep because I started arguing with a girl about whether or not you are still a sinner after you are saved.

This is a picture of her. Her name is Krista. If you are wondering why that picture is at such a weird angle it is because I can’t use my mother’s camera anymore because my mother is in Oregon and I am in Pennsylvania. So instead I am using my webcam.

This is a picture of the great divide and part of my forehead and nose.

There are two parts of SMBI. One part holds the gym, classrooms, boys dorm, lounge, kitchen, and dining room. The other part holds the ladies dorm, library, chapel, and offices. They are connected by two double doors known as The Great Divide.

At a certain time every night, all the boys are required to be on the boy’s side of the great divide, and the girls are required to be on the girl’s side.

Sometimes, after that certain time, the boys will stand on the boys side and the girls on the girls side and they will sing the Great Divide song. I don’t know what it’s called. But the lyrics go something like, “There’s a love calling from the other side, bla bla bla cross the great divide.”

It is an SMBI joke.

I always thought it would be fun to, around Christmas time, hang mistletoe in the doorway of The Great Divide.

Maybe that would be a bad idea.

I miss SMBI.