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Monday Musings

pink chair

I have a habit of writing blog posts and then not posting them because I think they’re too emo.

As far as I can tell the problem lies in the fact that I blog in my head too much.

I’ll get an idea for a blog post on romance, or what it’s like to always be different, or why I’m not a real writer, and I’ll regurgitate it around in my head for days, imagining what I will write once I actually have time to get to a computer.

Well heads, as you know, are kind of emotion machines. So the regurgitated thoughts turn into emotion vomit.

Sorry for the visual.

A random thought:

Often, my view of people is drastically changed once I friend them on Facebook.

People talk about how easy it is to hide on the internet, and how much of the online world is smoke and mirrors.

But when you friend people on Facebook you learn what they really believe in, and what they love, and sometimes how gullible they are.

Things that don’t often pop up in regular conversation.

Maybe they would pop up in regular conversation if “regular conversation” consisted of one person saying to another, “all right, tell me all about yourself, everything you’ve ever wanted to rant about,” and then just sat and listened for as long as it took.

Not that that would be a good idea, it’s just an interesting thought.

The world is full of sunshine. It’s incredible.