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The Artsy Minimalist Wannabe

I had a grand idea to do a post on minimalism today. When I sat down to write said minimalistic post, I instead had the following conversation with myself:

Okay Emily, time to start writing about minimalism.

I don’t feel like writing about minimalism. What a dull subject.

It’s not dull! Think of that red chair!

Okay, um, I guess I’ll write, “Hey folks! I stumbled across this interesting website on minimalism yesterday, and the guy had this red chair by a brick wall and it was pretty.”

Don’t forget to add that you want to be a minimalist.

I don’t want to be a minimalist.

You sort of do.

I guess. Okay, so after I mention the red chair I’ll say, “I sort of want to be a minimalist.” Then what should I say?

Hmm. Well, we could always post about something else. Like VBS was this week, we could post about that.

What is there to say about VBS?

Well the boys were rowdy, but it was fun anyway, and we’re trying to find the balance between being too strict and too easy-going.

That sounds like something to put in a boring family circle letter, not a fun and exciting blog!

Well, why don’t we go see if we can find some cool pinterest pictures to post so that we’ll look artsy?

Good idea.

British soldiers drinking tea on the battlefield.