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Stephanie, one of a kind

Once there was a mother who was trying to teach her daughter to sew.

“This knob changes the size of the stitches,” said the mother. “You want the stitches to be small, so the dress will hold together better.”

However, the girl was in a big hurry because the whole youth group (including the guy she had a crush on) was going to go to the park and feed the ducks, and she wanted to wear a pretty new dress. So she turned the knob, made all the stitches big, and finished the dress in record time.

Then she donned her new dress and raced off to the park.

Later on that evening, the girl was walking very gracefully past a park bench. The guy she had a crush on was watching her, admiring her graceful walk. Suddenly, the corner of her dress caught on a nail sticking out of the park bench, and the whole skirt ripped, all the way up the seam!

In shock, the girl wrapped the skirt around herself and ran all the way home. When she sobbed out the story to her mother, her mother said….

“Well, I guess you rip what you sew.”

(Yes, I did just make that joke up whilst trying to come up with a topic to post about. However, now that we are on the subject of jokes, I should post about Stephanie Coblentz.)

A while back I was at this laundromat. I was waiting for these huge industrial-sized driers to dry my huge-industrial-sized loads of laundry. It was taking about half of forever.

Suddenly, I got a brilliant idea for passing the time. I would text about ten friends, asking for their best joke. The winner would be featured in my blog.

Stephanie Coblentz won with the following joke:

One day Chuck Norris went to a birthday party. He dared a little boy to suck ALL the helium out of ALL the balloons. The little boy did it.

Today, that boy is known as Justin Bieber.

Ha ha ha ha ha. I laughed. Stephanie, you are a funny one.